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The Online Retro Computer Systems Database (ORCSdb) is a web-based database for retro computer systems and their associated peripherals. This database is currently a work in progress. Eventually, as we near feature-complete, we plan to open it up to any interested collectors for beta testing.

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Welcome to the ORCSdb, or Online Retro Computer Systems DataBase. I'm building this site to keep track of the various old computers that seem to be accumulating in my basement. Long term goals involve not only cataloging the computers, but also the peripherals, expansions, and software that goes along with them, allowing for lists that show what works with what. This is not a one-stop shop, so I plan to leverage (through links, as if there were some sort of web...which know, world wide) sites like Total Hardware and The Retro Web, allowing the site to act as a collection of information about...well, the collection of old computers, I guess. - Jan. 29, 2024, midnight

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